African Tribal Tattoos

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Things you do not know about the African tribal tattoos designs
With the current resurgent trend in tattoos, is not surprising that African tattoos are much more prevalent in the western african tribal tattoosworld of body art designs. But as beautiful as African Tribal designs, whether you understand the meaning behind them?

Well, here are five facts, we consider some of the ideals of the idea of African tribal tattoos below:

Some Africans are interested in body art to protect the wearer from evil, the symbolism in the paintings to keep them alive.african tribal tattoos

African Art of the body was never meant to become just pictures to decorate the body. Those interested in art, so the owner can take the almost supernatural status. Given the long scarification, is a way for users to look more than human.

African scarification or tattooing, often with characters that reflect the character of the owner, and is also used as proof of bravery and courage, which are the African Tribal Tattoosthings you need to go through the painful application of body art.

The first African tribal tattoos found was timed to coincide with the mummy in 1994 BC, although it is believed that there is a tattoo, since 2000 BC, as well as images showing Egyptian High Priest with a tattoo gun was found.

There is a form of body art done in Africa, whose skin is usually too dark for regular painting to tattoos. This is known as scarring and works by opening a small area of skin is designed to make the cuts. Then rub the ashes into the wound so that when it heals, it produces a permanent raised scar.

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